How to Make a Dutch Braid

A dutch braid is just a french braid turned inside out. Dutch braids are the basis for several beautiful braided hair styles, including the halo braid and variations of the milkmaid braid. Learn how to braid a dutch braid today.

Detangle the hair with a wide toothed comb. Dampen the hair at the same time by spritzing with the sptay bottle as you're combing. Once the hair is sufficiently dampened and detangled, comb it all back and proceed.

Part the hair straight down the middle if you want to do one dutch braid on each side, like in the picture. Otherwise, just leave the whole head in one section and begin braiding.

Pick up a section of hair from the top center and divide it into three pieces.

Begin braiding by moving the center piece to the outside of the braid. In a regular french braid you'd be working the braid by moving the outside sections into the center. In a dutch braid, you move the center pieces out to the sides. Each time you move a piece out, it picks up a new section of hair.

Continue braiding down the length of the section adding new hair to the braid at each turn. When there is no more hair left to add, simply continue braiding to the ends of the hair.