How to Make a Drop Cut Wedding Veil

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In generations past, brides resorted to wearing veils to protect themselves from evil spirits. Today, brides typically wear white veils over their faces or attached to the back of the head for purely ornamental purposes. The drop veil earns its name because it is "dropped" over the head of the bride, while its edges fall evenly about her. While brides-to-be can purchase ready-made veils for up to a few hundred dollars, crafty brides can also create a homemade drop veil for less than a third of the cost.

Purchase tulle from craft stores. The length of the drop veil will determine the amount of fabric needed; brides-to-be should purchase tulle measuring at least 30 inches in length to create a veil that reaches the shoulders, or 35 inches in length to reach the waist. Use scissors to cut a circle in the tulle measuring 18 to 24 inches around for a shoulder-length veil, or 30 inches around for a waist-length veil.

Cut out another matching layer of tulle, if you wish to have a two-layer drop veil. Place the second layer under the first layer. The second layer may line up with the first layer, or it may not, depending on the bride's tastes. Use white thread to sew the two layers together. Apply threading at the centers of the tulle circles, so the thread will be atop of the bride's head when the veil is worn.

Gather embellishments for your wedding veil: these may include artificial flowers, beads, ribbon or other decorations. Use a glue gun to apply adhesive to the veil. Attach embellishments quickly and allow to dry. Heavier embellishments may fall off or add unnecessary weight to the veil.

Set the veil atop of your head, moving it around to your desires. Criss-cross two bobby pins, inserting the pins through the top of the veil and into your hairstyle. The bobby pins will keep the drop veil fixed in place.