How to Make a Birthday Gift Basket

Does a family member or friend have an upcoming birthday and you’re not sure what to give him? Do you want to create something personal without spending a lot of money? Make a birthday gift basket without spending a lot of money and giving a personal gift. Not only is making a birthday gift basket affordable and personal, it’s also easy and fun.

Buy a basket. You can find baskets at the craft store, local thrift store or at a garage sale. Choose a basket with a handle so it is easier to tote around and you can tie a bow or ribbon around the handle. Choose a bigger basket if you are filling it with several items or bigger items.

Fill with colorful tissue paper or paper grass. Place tissue paper in the base of the basket. If you are using paper grass instead of tissue paper, place it in the base of the basket.

Fill the basket with goodies. Include goodies you know the family member or friend will enjoy. Birthday goodies can include a favorite CD or DVD, a gift card, candy, coffee or hot chocolate, a magazine or book or scented candles.

Include a birthday card. Make a card using rubber stamps and markers or make one on the computer. If you don’t feel confident in making a birthday card, buy one from the card or grocery store. Write a personal message inside the card and sign your name. Place the birthday card in the basket with the other goodies.

Attach a bow or ribbon. Tie a colorful bow or ribbon to the handle of the basket. You can buy bows that are already formed and attach the twisty tie part to the handle of the basket. If you are using ribbon, decorate the basket by winding the ribbon around the handle of the basket and tying a bow at the base of the handle.

Deliver the basket. Deliver the basket to the family member or friend at home or at work. When you hand the basket to him or her, be sure to smile and say “Happy Birthday.”