How to Make a Bicycle Diaper Cake

by Cristin Wave ; Updated September 28, 2017

If you have been to a baby shower recently, you may have seen the newest craze -- diaper cakes. These are not actual edible cakes, but rather are fashioned of diapers, ribbons and other materials into the shape of a cake. As this concept has developed, it now includes making a diaper cake in the shape of a bicycle to celebrate a newborn's arrival or for a baby shower.

Open the package of diapers. Roll each diaper beginning at the bottom up to the top. Secure the rolled diaper with a piece of tape. Divide the rolled diapers in half to create two wheels. Begin by standing the diapers up, placing them next to each other to create a snug circle. Tie a piece of ribbon around the circumference of the wheel to hold the diapers in place. Repeat for the second wheel.

Carefully fold both of the receiving blankets lengthwise in half. Fold lengthwise three more times. Set one of the blankets aside. Thread the other blanket through the middle of the front wheel and through the middle of the back wheel. Secure the blanket with a diaper pin.

Lay the bib on top of the front wheel so it acts as a wheel cover. Attach the bib to the ribbon on the wheel so it will stay secure. Thread the folded blanket that set aside through the middle of the front wheel; this will be the handlebars. Set a bottle with the bottom facing forward on top of the bib to serve as the bicycle headlight. Bring the ends of the blanket up and cross over the bottle to secure it in place, creating handlebars. Tie with a ribbon to keep the handlebars and the bottle in place.

Place a baby sock on each end of the handlebar. Lay the second bib on top of the back wheel so it acts as a wheel cover. Attach the bib to the ribbon on the wheel so it will stay secure.

Check all of your ribbons to confirm that the cake is secure. Place a stuffed animal on top of the bicycle for an added element.

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