How to Lease a Banquet Hall

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Whether you want to reserve the hall for a wedding, conference or other special event, leasing a banquet hall is a quick and easy process. Banquet halls are ideal spaces for large crowds and offer several amenities that would be impossible for one person to undertake. These amenities include catering, bar service, table serving and wedding or event planning. Prior to selecting one banquet hall, take time to research and visit several within your area so you can do adequate price and amenity comparisons.

Talk with the leasing agent at the banquet hall. The leasing agent is the person in charge of reservations and negotiations. Leasing agents will be able to offer you upgrades and special packages for your needs. Most leasing agents require an appointment far in advance of the date you want to reserve; therefore, call and book early for the best price and date.

Read over the contract of the lease agreement. The lease agreement is your promise to pay and the banquet facility's promise to fulfil your expectations. In addition, the lease agreement will outline the amenities promised, payments, final payment date, date of event and time of rental. Always read through the contract entirely to ensure all dates, payments and amenities are correct.

Sign the lease agreement and request a copy. Retain a copy for your records.

Make the initial deposit to lease the banquet facility. The terms and conditions page within the contract will determine how much of the facility rental is due at the time of signing the lease agreement. Request a receipt of payment for your records.

Keep in contact with the banquet facility up to the date of the event.