How to Keep Avocado Dip From Turning Black

by Elizabeth Cardwell ; Updated September 28, 2017

Avocados come in several different varieties and can be found year-round in the supermarkets. Avocado dip, or guacamole, is a common appetizer at parties and gatherings and is frequently served with tortilla chips or chopped vegetables. Unfortunately, avocados and avocado dips turn brown and eventually black are they are exposed to air. The color does not affect the taste but it does make the dip look less appetizing. Fortunately there are simple actions to prevent this from happening and to keep the dip looking green.

Prepare avocado dip, keeping the pits from the avocados nearby.

Transfer avocado dip to a serving bowl.

Place the pit of the avocado into the center of the dip. If it is a deep bowl, the pit will disappear from sight, and you might want to add more than one pit because of the volume of the dip. If it is a shallow bowl, the pit will be noticeable, so make sure it is in the center as it will serve as a decoration.

Cover the avocado dip with plastic wrap--making sure the plastic is touching the dip without any air bubbles--and place it in the fridge until ready to use.

Remove from the fridge and uncover the plastic wrap at the last moment before serving. Limiting the exposure to air helps keep the avocado green.


  • Adding lemon juice to the recipe can help prevent the avocado dip from turning brown, but too much lemon will alter the flavor of the dish.

    Don’t mash avocados in a blender or food processor, as it can cause added browning.

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