How to Make Nachos Using Shredded Cheese

mexican hot street food nachos with salsa dip

merc67/iStock/Getty Images

It is easy to make nachos with cheese sauce because the cheese is already melted and will spread to cover the chips. With shredded cheese, you may not get as much coverage if you do not spread it properly. The type of cheese also matters because some cheeses are more oily than creamy when they melt. Additionally, if you use the wrong heat source, you risk burning the chips as you melt the cheese. But there is a way to make creamy, gooey, well-covered nachos using shredded cheese without scorching.

Combine the shredded American and Mexican blend in a bowl. The American provides a creamy melt while the Mexican blend provides the sharp flavor of cheddar and Monterrey Jack.

Put one layer of tortilla chips on the plate with the lip. The plate is flat enough to spread the chips out while the lip keeps them from sliding off the edge.

Sprinkle a handful of the cheese blend on top of the chips. Layer more chips on top.

Continue sprinkling and layering until you have used up all the cheese. The top layer of your nachos should be the cheese.

Microwave the nachos on high in 10-second increments. Rotate the plate a quarter turn after each blast. The cheese will melt quickly so you may only need two or three passes. If you have a rotating microwave, you do not need to manually turn the plate.

Remove the nachos from the microwave and garnish with jalapenos, if desired.