What Is Good to Serve With Crab Dip?

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Crab dip has a distinctive flavor that makes good pairings harder to determine than with other dips. Consider things such as what other ingredients are in the dip, and whether it is being served cold or warm.

Spread the Warmth

When serving warm crab dip to your guests, surround it with toasted bread-based accompaniments such as baguette slices. Sturdy crackers, breadsticks or pita chips also work well. The important thing is to provide enough support for the warm dip, since it would be otherwise awkward to handle it with your fingers.

Chilling Out

Cold crab dip is a better choice if you prefer to serve fresh bread as an appetizer accompaniment. Take a fresh loaf and cut it in half, then pull off chunks of it for your guests to use for scooping up the dip. Make them bite-sized chunks in order to prevent double-dipping.

Competing Flavors

Avoid competing with the flavors in your crab dip. If you are creating a spicy dip or one heavy on herbs, serve bland crackers or bread. Choose ones with interesting textures and toppings such as poppy seeds, sea salt or sesame seeds.