How to Host a Tea Party Bridal Shower

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Host a Tea Party Bridal Shower. A tea party bridal shower is a sweet and old fashioned way to celebrate this special day for the bride. An afternoon tea is elegant and perfect for so many settings. You can hold an afternoon tea party bridal shower at home, in a restaurant or at an old mansion that is a historic landmark.

Arrange a guest list and set a date for the afternoon tea party bridal shower. Once you have set a date, or a range of dates for the event, you can search for a location.

Search for the perfect location for your afternoon tea bridal shower. The perfect place could be at home or at someone else's home. Another idea could be a museum or an old Victorian mansion.

Set a menu for the event. Remember to select teas that are both caffeinated and decaffeinated. Select yummy and tiny tea sandwiches and bite sized cakes for your guests.

Obtain invitations and send them out. Make them look pretty by using a calligraphy pen to address them. Include information about where the bride is registered.

Create pretty table centerpieces or have them ordered. Peonies in a round bowl can look pretty and are very easy to arrange. Lilacs are another pretty flower that smells delicious.

Decorate the room with the afternoon tea party theme. Keep decorations feminine and soft.

Give guests a lovely "thank you" gift such as a candle that is made from a teacup. A heart shaped sachet is another idea.


  • A lovely tradition is to have an "advice" book at your shower. Pass this book around and ask your guests for their advice on a happy marriage. Take lots of photographs at your shower. An afternoon tea shower is a pretty event and you'll be glad you have photographs to share with people. Serve light foods such as fruit salad or angel food cake for dessert. Keep all foods light and portions typically are smaller. Play classical or instrumental music during your shower. Another idea is to have live musicians playing during your shower.

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