How To Decorate a Romantic Hotel Room

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Daily life with all its ups and downs can be stressful on a relationship. Time alone together at a local hotel can revitalize your love, however not all hotel rooms are designed with romance in mind. Add romance to any hotel room with special touches, such as candles, chocolates, roses and wine, to set the mood and help reconnect you with the one you love.

Step 1

Arrive at the hotel alone at least a couple of hours before your spouse. Check that the room has all the basic needs, such as soap and towels. Having to call up the maid for toiletries in the middle of a romantic evening will dampen the mood. Lay out all the items for decorating on the desk or a table to ensure that nothing will be forgotten.

Step 2

Place several arrangements of roses into the vases and display in the desired areas. Consider a single rose in a bud vase for a less expensive option. Set the scented candles on the mirrors reflect the candlelight, but don't light them until just before your partner arrives. If desired, create a larger decorative arrangement by pairing the candles with the vases of roses.

Step 3

Decorate a small dining table, available in most hotel rooms, with a silk scarf. If the room does not have a table, spread a silk scarf or a large lace doily on a dresser. Add a small tray of chocolate-covered strawberries, a a bottle of wine chilling in an ice bucket and the wine glasses. Scatter a few chocolate candies across the surface of the table among the other items.

Step 4

Scatter rose petals and paper heart cutouts along the floor, on the bed and in the bathroom around the tub. If desired, add scented candles to the bathroom as well.

Step 5

Transform part of the room into a mini massage area, such as in front of a fireplace, if the room has one, or on the bedside table. Place oversized pillows on the floor for comfort. Arrange a few bottles of massage creams and oils nearby. Scatter the area with more rose petals.