How to Host a Large Party in a Small Home

Hosting a large party in a cramped, small home can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience. But thinking creatively about the different areas of your home can help to make your party a success. Here’s how to entertain a large guest list in a limited amount of space.

Remove bulky furniture and clutter from all the rooms of your house and put them into the garage, basement, storage closet or laundry room. Keep your living room and all walking areas of your home clear and clutter free.

Remove books from your bookshelves and set up the bar on the freed shelves.

Designate one spare bedroom as the official coatroom for the party. As guests arrive, make sure the first thing they do is drop off their bulky jackets, coats and bags in that room.

On the day of the party, adjust the room temperature. If you’re using the air conditioner, turn it on before guests arrive so that your house feels a little cold. If you are using the heater, make sure the temperature is a little lower than it normally is. Once guests arrive, the temperature will warm rapidly.

Serve dinner buffet style. Set up the food on the dining room table, along kitchen counters and on larger cabinets and shelves in other areas of the house. Serve a menu that is easy for people to eat whether they are standing or balancing their plates on their laps.

Be sure to cook in advance so that you have time to clean and clear the kitchen before guests arrive. This will prevent traffic congestion.