How to Have a Girls Night In


It's the end of a long week and you're looking to squeeze in some time with your ladies, but budgets are tight — and everyone in your squad knows that going out on the town can be a pretty hefty investment. This weekend, skip the clubs, bypass the bars and ditch the nail salons: you can have fun with your pals in the comfort of your own home without the costly receipts. Gab with the girls over a gorgeous craft project, munch on homemade treats and do your own spa treatments. By the end of the night, you'll feel refreshed, energized and ready for the week to come. Plus, the wine spritzers are guaranteed to be on point!

Start Your Night With a Vodka-Infused Fruit Salad

Is there anything more refreshing than fruit salad? Yes! It's this vodka-infused fruit salad. Greet the girls with a boozy bowl of fresh fruit salad that's so easy to make in advance, you'll have no trouble throwing it together. Good luck staying away from it before everyone arrives!

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Treat Yourself With a Tapas Platter

Wondering what to serve for a big group? Look no further than this sumptuous tapas platter. Created from a variety of flavors, like pan-fried chorizo and rosemary pepper cashews, this platter is the perfect centerpiece to munch on at the start of the evening. With such a wide selection, everyone is sure to find something delectable to eat.

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Serve Stylish Drinks That are Just Too Cool

Whether your friends sip on cocktails or sodas, serving drinks in a frosted glass takes your refreshment game up a notch. Here are three simple ways to get the ideal chill for your glassware as the party gets underway.

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Wet Your Tastebuds With a Wine Spritzer

This wine spritzer recipe makes for a super refreshing drink that can be served throughout the night. The cold club soda brings the bubbles, and complements that fruity Riesling you've had hanging out in your fridge. Garnish with some lemon or orange wedges for a pop of color, and voila!

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Make Your Main Course a Gourmet Cheese Sandwich

A night in calls for comfort food, and this apricot, bacon and brie sandwich is exactly that. Consider grilling it for maximum gooeyness, and see which friend makes hers the best.

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Enjoy Oven-Baked French Fries on the Side

These oven-baked fries pair great with grilled cheese, and they make a solid finger food to snack on while you hang with your friends. Bonus? You have the satisfaction of knowing that this oven-cooked option is healthier than a fried alternative. Make extra, because these papas aren't going to stick around.

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Customize Your Denim Shorts to Blossom

After you've wined and dined, break out the fabric glue and gather the girls for a fun project that will turn humdrum denim shorts into a personalized fashion statement. All you need is some flower lace trim, glue, scissors and a pair of denim shorts. No sewing skills are required!

Kristen Nunez

Create a Stylish Purse That Needs No Embellishment

There's nothing like matching with your pals, and this rainbow tassel fringe purse is an on-trend way to transform a boring bag into a versatile accessory that works for every wardrobe. With only a hot glue gun and some vibrant embroidery thread, you and your friends can turn a thrift-store find into an Instagram-worthy #squadgoal.

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Forget the Salon and Paint Your Own Nails

For a look that is completely polished, floral nail art will definitely do the trick. With these easy to follow step-by-step instructions, plus your bestie to help with your other hand, your nails will look so fabulous that everyone will ask where you had them done.

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Scream for Homemade Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Whether you plan on watching your all-time favorite flick or you want to check out a new show, make this homemade chocolate chip ice cream for the viewing party. Add the ingredients, churn and freeze, and you'll have creamy, chocolatey deliciousness in only three hours. Pass out the spoons and dig in!

Jackie Dodd

Have Homemade Marshmallows On Hand

These light and airy homemade marshmallows are the perfect indulgence when you want something sweet with little effort. Created with only a handful of ingredients, all you have to do is mix them up, let them set and sprinkle (liberally) with powdered sugar. You can toast them, but chances are they'll be gone before you get the fire going.

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Make Your Skin Glow With a Korean Facial

A girl's night in wouldn't be complete without a spa treatment. This 10-step Korean skincare routine is just the ticket for luminous, baby-soft skin. Line up your products and break out the loungewear, because you'll feel like you're at an exclusive spa rather than in your living room.

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Prep Breakfast Pizza for the Next Morning

When you're having so much fun that you lose track of time — and your girls' night morphs into a slumber party — these breakfast pizzas will satisfy any a.m. cravings. Prepare them in advance, or make them in the morning as a group activity. Let the pizza dough be the canvas for your culinary creativity.

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