How to Grow Out Short-Cropped Hair

puhhha/iStock/Getty Images

The biggest mistake that people make when growing out their hair is failing to plan. Growing out short-cropped hair can be tricky, and you should have a game plan if you want to get through the tough stages without taking scissors to your hair and ruining all that you have accomplished. Keep in mind that hair only grows a half-inch per month, so you will not be able to grow your hair out over night. Growing out short hair is a process that takes dedication and patience. Plan on dedicating six months to a year to the process, depending on the length you want to grow out to.

Look at hairstyle photos online, in a hairstyle magazine or in a hairstyle book at your salon. Choose a photo that closely resembles the look you want to achieve once your hair is grown out. Clip, print or photocopy the photo to save as a reminder.

Continue browsing photos and select at least three transitional styles of progressing lengths that you can wear until you get to your hair-length goal. Choose layered styles earlier on in the transition, wedged or stacked hairstyles for mid point and mid-length bobbed styles for later on.

Visit your stylist every eight weeks to get a trim and address any growing-out issues that may arise. Trim 1/4 inch from your length and 1/8 inch from your layers to prevent or remove split ends and allow the layers to grow out even with the length. Thin hair with a hair-cutting razor to remove bulk and redirect problem areas throughout the process.

Transition through the styles that you have selected with the help of your stylist until you reach your ultimate goal.