How to Get Rid of Gum Balls in Your Mouth

by Melynda Sorrels ; Updated September 28, 2017

Getting gum out of your mouth is easier than you think.

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It was all fun and games putting the brightly colored spheres of sugary gum into your mouth, but now there’s a serious problem at hand; how to get them out. Whether it’s a few gum balls or many, your mouth is no place for them to stay for long periods of time, as this can make it difficult to speak, smile and eat. Getting gum balls out of your mouth and into the trash doesn’t have to be a big deal.

Open your mouth up wide to give the gum ball ample space to come out.

Bend your torso forward, so that your face is parallel to the floor.

Hold a tissue over your mouth, but not so tightly that it traps the gum inside.

Use your tongue to help force the gum out of your mouth. Between your tongue and gravity, the gum should come out easily.

Wipe your mouth to eliminate any residual moisture from spitting out the gum.


  • You can also reach in with your fingers and grab the gum balls.

    Chewed gum balls that are soft can be swallowed, but those that are whole cannot as this poses a choking hazard by blocking your airway.

    If gum becomes lodged in your throat or airway, place your hands over your throat to symbolize the universal sign for choking.

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