How to Get a Perm Without Chemicals


0:06 hi I'm T Cooper I'm in New York City

0:09 makeup artist hair stylist and

0:11 co-founder of beauty and grooming

0:12 company Metro look today we're gonna

0:15 talk about a question that I was

0:17 recently asked how do you get a perm

0:19 without chemicals unfortunately you

0:22 can't get a perm without chemicals the

0:24 chemicals are actually what make the

0:27 perm work it's what makes your hair set

0:30 into the curl the only alternative that

0:32 I could give you to get the look of a

0:34 perm without the chemical is to actually

0:37 curl your hair and for that I would use

0:40 about a 3/4 inch take a section of your

0:44 hair slide it on down and curl up to the

0:52 root because perms usually start from

0:54 the root they're not like terribly loose

0:58 or just like the ends or Beni like a

1:00 perm is pretty much spiral curls so you

1:05 just hold it there and so the hair gets

1:06 hot and then release and then you've got

1:10 a nice spiral curl of course you can

1:12 loosen it up if you want to but that's

1:14 the look you're gonna get if you get a

1:15 perm you're gonna get curls like that

1:17 I'll repeat the process another strand

1:20 of hair you can do one-inch sections or

1:22 even smaller than that

1:30 okay we can just slide it down until you

1:34 incorporate the ends you hold it there -

1:40 your hair gets high you can actually

1:42 just touch the hair

1:43 that's what I like to do to see if it's

1:45 hot yet and then release and you'd

1:49 repeat that process throughout your

1:51 whole entire head and you'll have the

1:53 look of a perm without chemicals but you

1:55 cannot get an actual perm without

1:57 chemicals sorry guys

1:59 I'm T Cooper and thank you so much for

2:01 watching