How to Get a Certified Tanning License

Are you planning to open a tanning salon? Tanning salons require regular maintenance of machine and regular maintenance and cleanliness. There are other aspects that go along with opening and running a tanning salon. You want to make it a fun place to visit and also keep everything running smoothly. After all it is a business. To open a tanning salon you must first obtain a tanning license.

Check with your local county health department for requirements. You will have to make your salon fits the health codes according to your local health department. This is for all equipment and operation.

Make sure your machines are safe and clean. The health department will inspect your salon plus machines (after receiving a license, they check your business twice a year). If anything is found to be questionable to the regulations, you will not receive a license or your license can be revoked.

Fill out and submit application (for an example application, see Resources). To obtain a license you must apply by getting an application from your county health department. To fill it out along with your business information you must also list tanning machine manufacturers and model numbers. With the application you must pay a fee for your license. Fees will depend on the number of machines you will operate.

Make a drawing plan of locations to go with the application. Have your specific tanning salon plan drawn out to show your salon setup. Your plan needs to include: the same number of tanning machines you are going to operate--draw the booths how they are set up--booths to show a wall or barrier from exposing other customers to the UV light, also for privacy. Don’t forget to add the location of bathrooms available (see Resources for physical facility requirements in Chapter 64E-17).

Be aware that staff needs to be able to show a certificate of formal training for operation and maintenance of machines. Knowledge of this is a requirement. See Resources for on-site training links.