Bungee Jumping Near Phoenix, AZ

Man bungee jumping, seen against blue sky, view from below

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Bungee jumping in the Phoenix area means plunging from a great height down to the desert land, only to be ratcheted away from sudden death by a set of stretchy bands and cords. To go bungee jumping while in Phoenix, you'll have to coordinate an expedition with an adventure company or make your own bungee experience using rented equipment. And be prepared to do a bit of traveling away from the city.

Finding an Expedition

Expeditions gather together a group to go bungee jumping in a specific location. They choose bridges, towers, cranes and hot air balloons in different areas across the Southwest. One company operates in the Phoenix, Arizona area. Bungee Expeditions of Marble Canyon is a traveling expedition company that operates in the western half of the U.S., including jaunts to Phoenix. In addition to bridge jumps, the company also organizes helicopter bungee jumps and crane jumps upon request. The company charges a per-person fee for each expedition.

Make Your Own Expedition

Despite Phoenix's lack of a good bungee industry, you can create your own expedition using rented equipment or by scheduling an expedition. Bungee Expeditions will set up a bungee jumping site for you in an appropriate area upon request. You can also rent rock walls with bungee jumping attachments, bungee inflatables and Euro Bungees that operate using cranes and trampolines. Companies like Arizona Bounce Around and Arizona Party Rents can accommodate your bungee jumping needs.

Safety First

The companies providing the services need to pay attention to safety during every jump. This means rescheduling bungee jumping parties and expeditions in bad weather and making sure that all jumpers are properly strapped into the harnesses before each jump. Cooperating closely with each bungee company associate can help avoid accidents. This means adhering to all rules and requiring all participants in your party or expedition to do the same.

An Alternate Location

Bungee companies may be scarce in Phoenix, but jumpers willing to travel may find a satisfying experience. North of Phoenix near the Arizona state border the Navajo Bridge spans the Colorado River at Marble Canyon. It is a very popular bungee lumping location. Icarus Bungee is one place that uses the bridge, as does Bungee Expeditions.

Fee Considerations

Bungee expeditions are not cheap. Expect a fee of around $100 at the low end, and a few hundred at the high end for joining an expedition. Scheduling your own expedition will require a fee close to four digits as you must pay for the associates operating the equipment, travel and insurance, in addition to the normal fees for the service. Keep in mind your own travel expenses as well.