Places to Bungee Jump in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bungee jumping

Top Photo Corporation/Top Photo Group/Getty Images

Bungee jumping is known to be one of the most terrifying and exhilarating activities a human can experience. Although bungee jumping is statistically much safer than some everyday activities such as driving, the feeling of the extended sensation of free falling is enough to shake-up almost anyone. The three highest bungee jumps in the world are in Hong Kong, South Africa and New Zealand. However, if you live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and do not want to travel to another hemisphere, there is enough bungee jumping in the area to give you a proper adrenaline rush.

Book with Luxergy or the State Fair

Luxergy is a corporate adventure booking company based in Georgia, but it also hosts a bungee jump in Minneapolis. It also hosts several other jumps around Minnesota. The Minnesota State Fair in Minneapolis offers a 180-foot free fall on its Sky Coaster. One to three people can be dropped at one time. Reservation can be made over the phone or in person.

Taking your first jump

On your first time bungee jumping, it is recommended that you do what is called a swallow dive. This is when you jump of the platform and spread your arms as if they are a set of wings. This jump is easy on the body once the bungee catches the free fall and swings your body downward.

The Elevator Drop

The elevator drop is an intermediate jump style that is a bit more exciting but also more risky. Simply jump off of the platform feet first. Once the bungee catches, your body will by whipped 180 degrees forward quickly. This jump is not recommended for people with ankle or back problems.


When bungee jumping, you usually have a choice between two types of harnesses: the ankle harness and the body harness. The ankle harness is the more traditional of the two types and allows you to experience the drastic shifting of your body when the bungee is fully extended. The body harness is less strenuous to the legs and back but does limited body shifting. This harness s recommended for older people and people who have back problems.


Do not be surprised if you feel a little bit dizzy after jumping. Dizziness is a common side effect of bungee jumping but usually subsides before the day is over. If you continue to experience dizziness for a prolonged period of time, consult a physician.