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Academy Award winning actress Grace Kelly was a style icon of her time. As Alfred Hitchcock's muse, she played a cool blond beauty with a regal grace and an aristocratic air. Her elegant presence and sophisticated good looks captivated viewers, while her crisp, classic style was widely emulated by women everywhere. She continued her success in film until she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, where she retired in order to fulfill her duties as Princess Grace of Monaco. With clean lines and a tasteful style, Kelly's fashion impact will continue to influence women far into the future.

Rock the Kelly bag by Hermes or find a look-a-like. This was her most famous accessory as she was seen toting it on the cover of a magazine in 1958.

Get an ice blue satin dress. Kelly loved this dress so much, she was seen wearing it to the 1955 Academy Awards where she won Best Actress in "Country Girl." She was also previously seen donning it to a premiere of the movie and on the cover of "Life" in 1955.

Wear a full skirt. Kelly lived in an era when the full skirt was in vogue.

Get a tailored suit. Kelly's classic tailored suit was typically paired with the Kelly bag.

Get her accessories. One of Kelly's iconic accessories was the silk chiffon scarf. She also adorned hats with little veils, low heeled shoes, gloves and horn rimmed glasses.