How to Do Micro Braids

Micro braiding is one of many braided hairstyles worn by African-American women. The braids require little maintenance and can last for months. Micro braids are tiny braids and are sometimes referred to as invisible braids. Before putting micro braids in your hair, wash your hair first.

Make a small part on the head using the rat-tail comb. Take a small section of hair out from the part.

Add Wet & Wavy Hair to your head. Hold the hair extension with both hands, using your thumb and middle finger. Your hands should be an inch apart. Use your index finger to grab your real hair. Start looping the wet and wavy hair around your own hair, going counterclockwise until the weave is looped in with your hair. Commonly, this is only done once to loop the weave in with your own hair. This will produce three pieces of hair.

Start braiding. Take the three pieces of hair and rift them together: take the first piece of hair cross it over to the right, take the second piece of hair cross it over to the left, take the third string and cross it over to the right, and continue the pattern. This should feel like you are continually making an X. Keep the braid close to the scalp by maintaining a good grip. Once the Wet & Wavy is onto the hair, continue to braid it tight to prevent lumps in the braids. Continue to braid about three to four inches going down.

Tie a knot. Take a small strand of hair from the braid you just made. Take the hair using your two middle fingers and your ring finger, pulling the end of the hair back underneath the braid. Bring the hair over the braid and use your two middle fingers to pull it through the loop. Pull the hair through, giving a little tug to tighten it. Repeat the process to secure the loop. The micro braid is finished.

Repeat the process for a full head of micro braids.