How to Do a Quick Weave With Natural Afro Hair

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A quick hair weave is an easy, fast way to add versatility to your look. It is a technique in which individual weave tracks are glued to your head using a protective base, such as a wig cap. This allows for easy removal, much like a wig. For natural, afro-textured hair, molding the hair to the head with setting lotion and wig caps helps keep the look neat and under control.

Wash and thoroughly condition your natural hair. For afro textures, use a moisturizing, sulfate-free shampoo to avoid stripping the hair of its natural oils. Use a thick, deep conditioner to nourish your hair and prepare it for the quick weave.

Saturate your natural hair thoroughly with strong-hold setting lotion. This will help you to smooth the hair down and mold it flat against your head, which will make for a more natural looking, flatter weave.

Dry your hair under a hooded dryer or use a blow dryer. Make sure your hair is completely dry before proceeding to the next step. If the hair starts to revert into its afro texture, apply more setting lotion and smooth it back down with a coarse bristle brush.

Cover your entire head with the first wig cap. Be sure all of your natural hair is covered.

Place a paper towel or shower cap on top of the first wig cap and cover with a second wig cap. This double-layer ensures that none of the weave glue will get on you natural hair and cause damage. A shower cap will provide a better barrier than a paper towel, but the towel will absorb excess moisture. Decide which method is best for you.

Hold the first weave track against the nape of your neck and measure the correct width. Cut the track to fit your nape.

Apply a thin strip of bonding glue along the top of the track and carefully place the track on the nape at the bottom of the wig cap. Apply pressure to the track for a few seconds to enforce the bond of the glue.

Continue cutting and applying tracks across the back of the head until you get to the crown and then begin working from the front of the head back. You will be left with a small, open, circular section right at the crown of the head.

Cut a track about 2 to 3 inches in length for the closure. Apply bonding glue to the edge of the track and roll it into a circular formation. Flip the rolled track upside down and apply it to the circular area to close off the weave.

Style and cut the weave into your desired look.