How to Decorate the Ceiling & Walls for a Party

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Create a festive atmosphere for your next party with ceiling and wall decorations. The ceiling and walls are the foundation of a room and decorating them transforms the space from an ordinary space into a lively location for a party. Choose decorations and colors that speak to your style to create an eye-catching space that sets the stage for a fun-filled celebration.

Decorate the walls and ceilings with balloons. Choose latex balloons in a single color or a variety of colors and inflate them with helium. Tie curling ribbon, in matching or contrasting colors, to the knots of the balloons. Release balloons all over the room, allowing them to float on the ceiling and the ribbons to suspend overhead. Create balloon arrangements by tying the ribbons of three to five balloons together. Attach the balloon arrangements to the walls by pushing pushpins through the knot in the ribbons. Pin as many balloon arrangements to the walls as you'd like.

Drape fabric on the ceiling and walls, creating a whimsical canopy effect. Select a color and type of fabric, such as organza, taffeta or tulle. Hang lengths of the fabric from the center of the ceiling with pushpins. Pull the fabric to the wall, allowing it to drape slightly from the ceiling. Insert pushpins into the fabric at the point where the ceiling and wall intersect. Allow the fabric to drape down the length of the wall. Hang as many lengths of fabric from the ceiling and walls, completely covering the space or draping only a few lengths.

Suspend crepe paper streamers from the ceiling and walls for a party. Cut varying lengths of crepe paper streamers; either all the same color or a combination of colors. Tape one end of each of the streamers to the ceiling and allow the rest of the streamers to hang down over the room. Cut pieces of streamers equal to the length of the walls. Tape one of the ends of the streamers to the top of the wall and allow the streamers to hang down the length of the wall. Hang the streamers side-by-side, on one, two or all of the walls.