How to Decorate Like a Circus

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The brilliant colors, lively animals and festively dressed people of the circus captivate both the young and the young-at-heart. Whether you're looking for a lively theme for a child's party or you're interested in creating a youthful setting for your own adult party, consider a circus theme. With the right decorative accessories, a cheerful color scheme and a little imagination, you can transform an ordinary indoor or outdoor space into the Big Top.

Transform the party space into a tent. If you're hosting the party outside, pitch a large tent under which you can hold the festivities. If the party will be inside, cut lengths of red and white crepe paper streamers and drape them from the center of the ceiling to the walls of the room, creating the look of a tent top.

Enlarge images of circus animals, clowns and trapeze artists. Glue the images to wooden dowels and push the dowels into the ground if you are hosting the party outdoors. If the party is indoors, hang the images on the walls of the space.

String lengths of yarn through empty paper towel rolls. Use tape to hang the ends of the yarn from the ceiling of the tent or the indoor room to create the look of a flying trapeze.

Form three circles on the ground with colored duct tape to create the three "rings" that are often found at a circus.

Paint the outside of cardboard boxes red. Once the paint dries, place them on the ground upside down. Print out pictures of circus animals and glue them to the sides of the boxes. Use black paint to paint "bars" over the animals, creating the look of circus animal cages.

Cover tables with red and white tablecloths and set red and white napkins on the tables. Place bouquets of brightly colored balloons in the center of tables, attached to plush versions of circus animals.