Appetizers to Serve With Cosmopolitans

by Christopher Godwin

Fresh lime juice is an essential ingredient in the classic Cosmopolitan.

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The Cosmopolitan martini is a popular cocktail made with a mixture of vodka, orange liqueur, and ripe limes, shaken with fresh ice in a cocktail shaker and garnished with a fresh mint sprig. Numerous variations of the classic Cosmopolitan exist, incorporating club soda, orange juice and even raspberry liqueur, all of which can be served with a few basic appetizers.

Shrimp and Cocktail Sauce

Shrimp and cocktail sauce pairs well with most martini cocktails, including the Cosmopolitan martini. Use lightly steamed or boiled shrimp, which you can make yourself or get at most seafood markets and grocery stores if you are pressed for time. Pour a small amount of cocktail sauce in the bottom of a chilled cocktail glass and place the boiled shrimp around the edge with the tails out for a classic, elegant presentation.

Cheese and Crackers

The ever-present appetizer, cheese and crackers, can pair very well with the Cosmopolitan martini. Stick with flavored cheeses that provide contrast to the cocktail like baked Brie, herbed goat cheese and aged cheddar. For even more flavor, top the cheese with quartered cherry or grape tomatoes or finely grated citrus rind.

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