How to Decorate for a Tiffany and Co. Birthday Party

Thomas Northcut/Photodisc/Getty Images

Tiffany and Co. is a luxury jeweller based in the United States. Known for its assortment of silver, gold and diamonds, as well as gift items, one of its claims to fame in the women's accessory industry is the infamous little blue box. Tiffany blue boxes and the attachéd white ribbon are well-known throughout the world as signs of Tiffany branded jewellery. A Tiffany and Co. themed party focuses on the colors blue and white; the Tiffany blue is a light, but not pastel, blue.

Cover the chairs in your party space in chair covers in a blue color that matches the blue in the Tiffany color. Add white sashes to each chair. Cover the tables in white table cloths.

Create a gift table that resembles Tiffany and Co. boxes. Add blue and white Tiffany and Co. gift bags to the table and fill them with white tissue paper. You can add party prizes to these bags. If you do not have official Tiffany and Co. bags, use blue bags and add a Tiffany and Co.-style stamp to the side. Add gift boxes in shades of blue and white to the gift table.

Set up a cake and cupcake station. Add a cake that looks like a Tiffany and Co. box to the table as well as an assortment of blue and white themed cupcakes.