How to Decorate for a Debutant Ball

How to Decorate for a Debutant Ball. When a girl makes the transition to womanhood at around 16 to 18 years of age, she will often have a debutant ball to honor the occasion and to introduce her to polite society. While planning a debutant ball can be a lengthy process, one of the more fun aspects of it is deciding how to decorate the venue. Most debutants opt to go with a traditional, elegant scheme, but this is a great time to let creativity run free.

Decorate for a Debutant Ball

Set a reasonable budget. Remember, the budget needs to cover decorations for the entire room. You should try to stick as close as possible to your initial budget, because going over could cost you dearly in other areas, such as catering or entertainment.

Find out whether the venue you've selected has decorating restrictions. In some cases, you may not be able to decorate at all, or you may have to adhere to a list of decorating regulations. It's better to have a list of restrictions ahead of time so you don't purchase items you can't decorate with.

Decide on a theme for your debutant ball, when appropriate. There is no shortage of potential themes you can choose. For example, you can go with a traditional black-and-white-ball theme, Old World glamour decor or even a masquerade ball theme.

Select the main colors you want to decorate with. Repeat these colors all the way around the room, including the place settings. When there are other colors in the room, cover them up with your own colors.

Consider what the focal point of your decorations is going to be. Some elegant suggestions are a beautiful ice sculpture, large bouquets or arrangements or an incredible work of art.