How to Decorate for a Bowling Banquet

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Decorate for a bowling banquet with colors and details that set the mood you want, whether it's a humorous or lighthearted tone for a silly group or a formal feel. Select a color scheme based on the team's colors if the banquet is to honor a team, or use basic colors common to a bowling alley, such as black, white and red. Weave bowling details into the decor, even for a formal banquet.

Blow up balloons that match your banquet colors to float around the ceiling of the banquet room. Use black and silver or blue for a formal banquet. Draw black circles on colorful balloons to look like the finger holes on a bowling ball for a less formal banquet.

Hang a large banner on the most prominent wall in the room. The banner could have the league's name or make a statement that conveys the reason for the banquet with images of bowling balls or pins.

Tie a string around toy pins or balls to hang from the ceiling for a child's banquet or informal banquet. Toy pins can also be used as centerpieces on the tables.

Create posters if the room has a lot of empty wall space. Posters might include images and terms common to bowling, such as a turkey, a ball hitting the pins or words, such as "Strike," "Spare" or "Splits." Alternatively, hang old bowling shirts around the room with the most interesting colors and designs you can find.

Set the tables with solid black or white tablecloths for formal or simple banquets, or make a tablecloth to look like wood grain, such as on a bowling lane. Paint little red triangles on the cloth like the ones on bowling lanes.

Make round place mats and draw three finger holes on them to resemble a bowling ball. Use black with white "holes" for simplicity or use the color of each bowler's ball to personalize the decor.

Use toy balls or pins or decorate a real bowling pin to use as centerpieces. For example, paint the team colors, logo or name on a bowling pin if each team will be assigned to their own table.