How to Decorate a Wedding Cake Knife

Your wedding is the time for you to go that extra mile and personalize all of the elements that make a wedding special. Planning your wedding colors and style gives you and your partner a chance to show your creative side. One way to individualize your wedding is at the cake table; you can personalize the linens, tableware and, of course, the cake. You can also customize your cake knife. When you look back at your cake-cutting pictures and see your decorated cake knife, you will be happy that you took the time to customize it.

Take your knife to an engraver. Have the engraver put your names and your wedding date on the knife. You can also include a word or saying you like such as "Forever."

Ask your wedding florist to design a boutonniere that matches the colors you will be using on the wedding cake table. Tell your florist that the boutonniere is for the cake knife so that she knows to make it differently than regular boutonnieres.

Buy a ribbon or some crystals to decorate your wedding cake knife. You can purchase already made wedding cake knife ribbons at a wedding supply store or a fine china store. Some of the ribbons will be decorated with crystals. If you can't find the color ribbon you need, go to a fabric store and purchase about 12 inches of ribbon and some crystals, sequins, stars or anything you would like to decorate the ribbon. Tie the ribbon around the handle of the cake knife to make a bow. Cut off any excess ribbon. Using some fabric glue, put some crystals or sequins on the ribbon.