How to Decorate a Sunday School Classroom

How to Decorate a Sunday School Classroom. How you decorate your Sunday school classroom can effect the way your students learn. Use colors and creativity to decorate your classroom's interior and get your students excited about learning the important lessons you have chosen to teach. Read on to learn how to decorate the classroom.

Paint the interior walls of the classroom a fun color. Keep the wall paint free of cracks and peeling. Drab or pale colors can contribute to a child's restlessness while attending Sunday school.

Let kids help decorate classroom walls. Invite them to help put up posters, bulletin boards, interactive attendance charts and more. Remember that a child will be more receptive to learning if he is comfortable in an environment.

Use chalkboard or whiteboard framing decorations. These types of framing decorations are often available at educational supply stores and come in scrolls so that you can measure out and hang as much decoration as you need.

Hang the students' work. Hanging their work celebrates their achievements and helps them remember important lessons. Remembering lessons is especially important during Sunday school since you will only meet once a week.

Keep a music or audio player in the room. Kids respond positively to music. Sound effects can also be played during Bible storytelling to help engage the students in the story. Consider playing fun, audio readings of famous Bible stories for children on the player.

Choose decorations that aid in learning Sunday school lessons. Many banners, posters and other classroom decorations show Bible scenes, verses, Commandments and more. Treat Sunday School decorations as possible teaching aids.

Use holidays as inspiration for the classroom's decor. Change the interior of the classroom as holidays come and go. Interiors that reflect the present day keep interiors lively and interesting for children.

Get creative. Find ways to make the classroom interactive for children. Bright colors, candy and ongoing projects can help keep students' attention and get them excited to attend class every Sunday.