How to Decorate a Bridal Umbrella

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A bridal umbrella is a common decoration displayed at bridal showers that symbolizes the bride being showered with gifts. Most bridal, card, party and craft stores sell bridal umbrellas in a variety of sizes that can be decorated for your upcoming bridal shower. The umbrella can act as a centerpiece for the shower or be used to collect gifts during the festivities.

Decorate Before Shower

Add lace. Lace can be added to the bridal umbrella a few different ways using fabric glue or by sewing it on. The lace can be run around the bottom edge of the umbrella when it is open, along the top to add texture or can be cut into 2-inch strips that hang down from the umbrella when open.

Add ribbon. Choose a ribbon color that complements the bridal party's colors and dresses. Run ribbon along the top of the umbrella and down the handle and attach bows at all of the points using fabric glue.

Add silk flowers. Pick flowers that match the bride’s choice of flowers for her wedding day and attach to the top of the umbrella using fabric glue. You can use only a few flowers or cover the entire top of the umbrella with flowers.

Fill with confetti. Pick up bridal-themed confetti from a local bridal or craft store and put it inside the umbrella before closing it. When she sits down to open her gifts, have the bride open the umbrella over her head and the confetti will fall over her like a shower.

Decorate at Shower

Sign umbrella. Use the umbrella as the guest book at the bridal shower. Leave the umbrella open on a table at the entrance and have guests sign their names using a marker.

Attach ribbons from gifts. Instead of making a bouquet out of the gift box ribbons attach them to the umbrella. This will make for a nice centerpiece at the rehearsal dinner and future wedding events.

Hang money from it. Before everyone arrives at the bridal shower decorate the umbrella with flowers, lace and ribbons hanging down from the underside. Ask guests to bring some dollar bills with them. When guests arrive they will roll up the dollar bills and tie them to the ribbon hanging down. Give the umbrella to the bride when she opens her gifts.