How to Cut Hair with Scissors: Part 1


0:00 Hi! My name is Dawn Shannon for Expert Village, owner of Intuition Salon and Spa. We’re

0:05 now going to start the haircut and I’m going to start this haircut I’m going to go through

0:10 the whole cut with my regular scissors and then I’m going to go use my other tools

0:16 and show different tips for texturizing with scissors, the notching shears and the razor.

0:22 So just start off with we’re going to get her hair parted and we’re going to start

0:27 in the back,

0:39 having her head properly tilted I’m going to cut her hair at what’s called zero degrees

0:48 right on the skin area.

1:21 Once you cut the bottom it’s always good to comb through and check and make sure there’s

1:28 not any little hairs that you missed they could show up later,

1:55 blending in the haircut here.