How to Cut & Braid the Back of a Plain T-Shirt


0:05 hi this is mo of Mo West creations today

0:09 I'm going to show you how to cut and

0:10 braid the back of a plain t-shirt so you

0:14 start with your shirt you find the back

0:17 by lining up your side seams so

0:24 basically you're going to be looking at

0:27 the side of your shirt like this you can

0:30 look through the armholes make sure that

0:33 it's lined up get it smooth and get a

0:38 crease in the back next thing you want

0:42 to do to get a braided look is make

0:46 small evenly spaced cuts all the way up

0:51 the side so you can use a ruler and then

0:57 just cut I'm doing one inch cuts about

1:05 an inch and a half in

1:21 I'm going to taper them and make them

1:23 smaller towards the top of the braid and

1:26 you want to make sure not to cut through

1:28 the the hemline once you've done that

1:34 just give it a little pull the trick to

1:39 the braid as opposed to just the woven

1:42 back look is a twist so you always start

1:47 when weaving or braiding the back of

1:49 your shirt with the second one down and

1:52 then you come at it from underneath the

1:55 top one pull it up give it a twist

1:59 remember which way you twist it take the

2:04 next one put it through the loop that is

2:07 made from the twist twist it the same

2:09 way grab your next one pull it through

2:15 the loop twist it my braid starts to

2:21 appear so again we are coming up from

2:30 this one up through the loop twist the

2:37 same direction every time pull another

2:42 one through it twist grab the next one

2:47 pull it through twist make sure you get

2:51 every single one just do that all the

2:56 way down make sure you don't skip any if

3:00 you did it's okay just check and make

3:03 sure before you finish the braid then

3:07 bring your last one through pull it

3:11 through and then you can either just

3:17 loop it under and stitch it or if you

3:20 want to go no so just cut it right in

3:23 the middle that bottom loop after you've

3:25 brought it through

3:26 to last loop kind of pull it out and

3:30 then just tie it to itself around the

3:34 second to last loop give it a good knot

3:39 and there you have it it looks like a

3:42 braid even though you didn't cut three

3:46 strips and mess up your whole t-shirt so

3:50 built in braids how to cut and braid the

3:56 back of a plain t-shirt with mo for mo

3:59 West creations ciao