How to Create the Kitchen of Your Pinterest Dreams


It's easy to spend (way too much) time scrolling through Pinterest and daydreaming about that perfect kitchen you hope to have one day. But why should you just imagine a gorgeous kitchen in the future, when you can make it happen now? Updating your space doesn't have to come with an extravagant price tag and a huge construction nightmare. With these straightforward and stylish projects, your kitchen can go from bland to glam over the course of a few can-do weekends. Get ready to stop scrolling and start working, because there is no time like the present to turn your homespun fantasy into a sophisticated reality.

Go Ahead and Seal Your Countertops

Granite countertops are beautiful, but they can come with an unexpected amount of maintenance. One way to guarantee your granite looks pristine — no matter how long you've had it — is to seal it from stains and damage. Follow this easy step-by-step tutorial, and rest assured that those luxurious counters will remain immaculate for many feasts to come.

Carrie Waller

Dole Out Color With a Pineapple Flower Arrangement

For a fun and tropical detail, this fresh pineapple flower arrangement is sure to do the trick. Simply grab a pineapple from the grocery store, scoop out the insides and fill it with your favorite flowers. Consider including birds of paradise or palm fronds, and you'll feel transported to an island every time you enter your kitchen.

Lindsey McCord

Create a New Look With a Tile Backsplash

Installing a tile backsplash to your kitchen is a fantastic way to modernize your space without paying a fortune. Stay true to your style by selecting a mosaic tile or a simple stone pattern. Either way, this chic update will add personality to your kitchen, and value to your home, in just a weekend.

Shades of Blue Interiors

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck With Faux Antlers

Artistic and simple, these clay antlers are just the wall decor you were hunting for: all you need is some air-dry clay, wire and wall hangers to make a decoration that adds funky character to your kitchen. No animals will be harmed in the quest for an on-trend space.

Francesca Stone

Serve Cocktails on a Marble Tray

Anyone who has ever hosted a dinner party knows that guests congregate in the kitchen — but this beautiful marble tray can help bring the party elsewhere when you want to keep the room traffic-free. Mix and serve cocktails on the tray, and then display it on your counter when not in use.

Simple Stylings - Marble Tray

Store Culinary Accoutrement on Floating Shelves

There is no hassle like not having enough space to store your stuff, so instead of cramming your bowls, recipe books or wooden spoons in a drawer, build these floating shelves to display them artfully instead. Not only will you create much-needed storage, but you will add an element of interest to an otherwise blank wall.

Jennifer Bridgman

Make a Statement With Large Canvas Artwork

Bold artwork brings life into any kitchen, but when a large canvas is out of your price range, this DIY project is the solution. Choose a high-resolution photograph and pick up a wrapped canvas, and you'll have gallery-worthy artwork without blowing your budget.

Carrie Waller

Bring in the Feel of the French Countryside With Wire Baskets

Traditionally used to collect eggs, vintage French-style wire baskets can create just the right provincial feel without seeming out of date. To capture the bucolic ambiance of a country kitchen, make a few of these wire baskets for storing food any kitchen necessities. Not only will they help keep your kitchen organized, they will look tres bon!

Carrie Waller

Lighten Things Up With Sconces

Adding light to your kitchen will make cooking a joy. No more struggling to read spice jars, or nearly chopping off your fingers when you have a couple of these wall sconces to light up your space. Surprisingly easy to install, they make a wonderfully stylish touch above countertops.

Ashley Mayes

Declutter Your Spice Drawers With Organizers

There is nothing worse while cooking than having to frantically search for the right seasoning, but with some plywood and a few nails, all of your spice troubles will be over. These drawer organizers not only maximize your space, but they'll minimize the time you spend looking for that perfect flavor.

Ashley Mayes

Add Appeal With a Plank Wall

This plank wall is exactly the focal point your kitchen needs: whether you plan to go rustic with unfinished hardwood, or you want to paint the wood for a more modern look, a plank wall adds an understated detail to the room that'll look great for years. All you need is a nail gun, a level and wooden planks to get started. Your kitchen will look so good, you won't even recognize it!

Ashley Mayes