How to Cover Gray With Highlights of Light Brown Hair


0:05 hello everyone my name is Mirza I'm a

0:08 global team member with you for

0:09 international and I'm here today to talk

0:11 to you about how to cover gray hair with

0:13 light brown highlights keeping in mind

0:15 that you cannot cover gray hair unless

0:17 you use permanent hair color using light

0:20 brown highlights on gray hair is more of

0:23 a blending effect than a covering effect

0:25 to really cover gray hair you have to

0:28 put on an all-over color that means

0:30 roots and ends have to be covered with

0:32 permanent hair color the gray will be

0:34 gone until it grows back in and that's

0:37 when you'll start to see a line of

0:38 demarcation that means maintenance every

0:41 three to four weeks cuz within three to

0:43 four weeks you will see the roots come

0:44 back in gray so a great way to counter

0:47 that intensity of maintenance having to

0:50 go in so often is to actually add a

0:52 couple different highlights and

0:54 lowlights of various brown tones so

0:56 using light brown to cover gray would

0:58 actually be more like blending the gray

1:00 because you wouldn't cover 100% of the

1:02 gray hair you would just do a heavy

1:04 application of a light brown color like

1:06 this model here where you would actually

1:09 just diffuse the intensity of the

1:11 natural gray hair the great thing about

1:13 this is you're putting in tones like

1:16 warmer tones that have left the hair and

1:18 to contrast with the gray that will make

1:20 it look more natural and softer the

1:22 other thing too as this grows out it's

1:25 actually going to give you a little bit

1:26 more time in between services because

1:29 you won't see the line of demarcation as

1:31 intensely since the gray is still

1:32 naturally present in the hair so in this

1:34 case what we did is we use a really dark

1:37 tone a level to darkest Brown and about

1:40 a level seven eight golden blonde to

1:43 kind of diffuse the gray so you still

1:45 see some of the gray but it's completely

1:48 diffused so it looks a lot more natural

1:49 it still looks like natural tones that

1:52 are in her hair but the gray is blended

1:54 in

1:56 you