How to Clean Pimples on Your Face

Pimples can greatly detract from one's appearance. If you have pimples, you don't have to put up with them. You can take steps to clear pimples off your face and obtain a smooth complexion. To effectively keep pimples off your face, you must maintain a dedicated skincare regime. There are also various treatments available to spot-treat pimples, helping to get rid of them.

Wash your face twice daily. If you wish to clear pimples from the area, you must remove sweat, oil and makeup regularly. If you don't, these substances can clog your pores and lead to pimples. For best results, choose an antibacterial cleanser that contains salicylic acid, an effective ingredient for use on acne-prone skin.

Use an astringent or toner on your face. Place a small amount on a cotton ball and swipe it over your face. Astringents and toners help to maintain skin's pH balance and eliminate dirt and bacteria.

Try a deep-cleaning mask on your face twice weekly. Masks that contain mud or citric acids are effective at treating pimple-prone skin. These key ingredients absorb excess oil and pull bacteria out from deep within the pores.

Apply acne treatment cream to your pimples. You can find various creams available in most cosmetic and drug stores. Opt for a cream that contains benzoyl peroxide, one of the most effective ingredients for treating pimples. Benzoyl peroxide gets rid of bacteria and excess oil, promoting clean skin.

Mix equal parts baking soda and water into a paste. Apply the paste to the pimples on your face and let it work for approximately 20 minutes before rinsing. Baking soda absorbs excess oil and thwarts bacteria, helping to clean the pimples.

Put lemon juice on your pimples. The natural acidity of the lemon juice will dry out pimple-prone skin and kill bacteria, helping to clear it more quickly.

See a dermatologist. If you are unable to clear the pimples from your face on your own, talk to a dermatologist about prescription medication. There are various oral and topical medications available that can effectively combat your pimples and promote clean skin.