How to Clean Large Pores

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Large pores are frustrating and problematic for many women. They are caused by a myriad of things, including aging, oily skin, poor hygiene and genetics. If you don't clean large pores properly and thoroughly, they will become clogged with dirt and oil, which leads to acne pimples. While you may have large pores all over your face, they are more likely near your nose because it has more oil glands than other areas of the face.

Apply a pore refining or clay mask to your face one to three times per week. This will clean out and even tighten large pores. Just apply it to your face using your fingers, avoiding your eyes and mouth. Follow the directions on the packaging in terms of how long to leave it on. It's generally about 10 to 15 minutes and then you wash it off using a washcloth and warm water.

Exfoliate your skin twice per week using facial scrub and a washcloth. Get your hands wet and dab water on your face. Squeeze or scoop the facial scrub into your hands. Using your fingertips, gently move the scrub around on your skin in slow circles, also avoiding your nose, mouth and eyes. Do this for about one minute. Wash it off with a washcloth and warm water.

Have a chemical peel done on your skin. This must be done at a dermatologist's office. With a chemical peel, all of the dead skin is pulled away and everything is cleaned out of your pores. It does take up to a week for your skin to heal completely from a chemical peel.

Get a facial. This will clean out every last bit of oil and debris from your skin. The dermatologist or esthetician will do a deep pore cleansing. It includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing and also pore extractions.