How to Clean Bakelite Jewelry

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Bakelite jewelry is made of cast resin and was manufactured from 1929 to 1941. The jewelry is quite valuable, but it can be damaged during cleaning if you are not careful. Damage may include discoloration and even destruction of the Bakelite's finish, which generally cannot be restored. Carefully cleaning your Bakelite jewelry is integral to preserving its value and beauty.

Rinse the Bakelite jewelry with hot water. Polish it with a cleaning cloth while running it under hot water. Scrub any cracks and crevices with a baby toothbrush.

Dry the Bakelite jewelry completely with a clean, dry cloth.

Place a small amount of liquid metal polish on a clean, dry cloth. Rub the cloth all over the Bakelite item to polish it, using firm pressure and circular motions. If brown or yellow residue appears on the cloth, move on to a clean section of the cloth. Allow the polish to "cloud over" before you continue.

Buff off the polish with a clean, dry cloth using firm pressure and circular motions. When the polish has been buffed away, you should see a bright, shiny finish. Repeat the process multiple times to get the best finish possible.