How to Change Wedding Date Announcements

Sometimes even the best laid plans fall apart. This is never truer than when discussing weddings. Even months and months of planning cannot prepare you for the unexpected. Sometimes a wedding date change is required.

Call any guests you have phone numbers for immediately upon deciding to change your date. This is especially important for out-of-town guests who may have already made travel arrangements.

Decide on the wording for your announcement. Start by announcing that the wedding date of "Mr. Groom & Miss Bride" has changed. This is a sentence that will catch your guest’s eye. If a new date has already been decided, include that information. If you have already sent out invitations and the date is the only detail that has changed, let your guests know that all other information is still correct. If the location or time has changed, inform the guests of the new date and let them know that a new invitation is on its way. Conclude by explaining that the new invitation will clear up any confusion. If a new date has not been decided upon, send out the announcement stating that the date has changed and more information will follow.

Type the final script into a Word document and format the page to match the postcard or stationary you have chosen. Be sure that your script is legible in the font you choose and fits comfortably onto your postcard or stationary.

Print out one copy for every guest or family invited. Be sure that the copies are clean and have printed out correctly.

Like “Thank You” cards, date-change announcements are best addressed by hand. Don't worry, if it isn't as nice as the calligrapher’s, it will be much faster and your guests will appreciate the personal touch. Once the announcements are addressed, mail them to your guests ASAP.