How to Buy Carolon Support Socks

Walking or standing can be painful when you have circulation or lymphatic issues but you don't have to let such problems prevent you from going out or enjoying activities with family and friends. Using compression support socks will help prevent tired, aching legs while shopping and exercising. A leading brand is Carolon support hose, which you can buy online for a convenient, affordable way to keep your medical issues under control.

Measure the circumference of your ankle, then measure the circumference of the largest part of your calf. Measure the length of your leg from the heel to the bend in your knee, and record your findings.

Log on to and consult the "Knee Length Sheer and Sock" fitting chart to determine the size that best corresponds to your measurements.

Choose the class of support socks you want. There are three levels to consider. Class I is medium support and is used to reduce fatigue and improve circulation. Class II is firm compression and is used to treat varicose veins and swelling. Class III is extra-firm compression and is used to treat chronic problems with venous ulcers or after surgery. Class III support socks should be used only while under a doctor's care because the strength of the compression can be dangerous if worn incorrectly or for too long.

Determine whether the multilayer compression system support sock is required. Typically, this support sock is needed if you have a severe wound due to arterial disease or complications from rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes. Since there is an under stocking with this system, your wound will heal while allowing your circulation conditions to be managed through the over stocking compression.

Compare the prices to stores that specialize in compression socks such as and, then purchase from the store that is most economical. Be sure to confirm whether the site offers a discount for higher quantities since you will be wearing the socks every day and will probably want to purchase more than one pair.