How to Button Sport Coats

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Men's sport coats are similar to suit jackets, but can be worn on their own, with either dress pants of denim jeans, in a more casual fashion. Sport coats are tailored and typically feature two or three center buttons. You can find sport coats in a variety of fabrics, such as tweed, suede, cotton and wool. Sport coats are ideal to wear to business-casual functions, or times when you need to wear something less formal that a suit jacket, but more elegant than a blazer.

Put the sport coat on. Button the first two buttons on a three-button jacket; leave the last button undone to avoid a stuffy appearance.

Button only the middle button on a three-button coat as an alternative look.

Button both buttons on a two-button sport coat. Unbutton the bottom button when sitting to avoid wrinkling the coat.

Button just the top button of a two-button coat as another, more casual option.