How to Make a Men's Kimono

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Kimono is traditional Japanese clothing worn by men, women and children. Different types of kimonos exist and the appropriate type is to be used based on the age, gender, marital status and the occasion. Men wear kimonos very rarely, only on special occasions. The main difference between a men’s kimono and a women’s is in the stitching of sleeves, total length of kimono and the pattern of the fabric used. Men commonly do not wear footwear along with kimono.

Cut two rectangular panels of the fabric using scissors. The two pieces are for the main front and back body parts. Measure it using a ruler and tape measure to get the exact length and width. The length of these two panels should be the length of the kimono. Measure the length from center of the shoulder to just above the ankle. The width should be the length between two shoulders. Cut two smaller pieces for the sleeves. Length of the sleeve should be the length of the arm and width can be measured according to personal preference. Unlike a women’s kimono, the sleeves should be less deep.

Sew the two larger panels together on the long sides. On the upper portion of this sewn side, cut a wide circle with the same size as that of the width of the sleeve. On the upper portion of the other side, cut a wide arc with the same width of the sleeve. Sew the short ends of the sleeve panels to form a loop so that the seams are on the bottom of the sleeve. Attach the sleeves to the shoulders in the provided space. It should be sewn in such a way that the sleeves are almost attached to the body and closed under the arm, unlike women’s kimono sleeves.

Cut two smaller panels; one for collar and the other for smaller front panel. The length of the front panel should be the length of the kimono measure in first step and its width should be half the width of the main back piece. The collar panel should have enough length to cover both of the panels on the front. Its width should be 4 inches.

Cut the front panel in half at an angle. This is the upper portion of the front panel. Sew this on the left side of the main body panel. Sew the center of the collar panel to the back body panel and extend sewing to both the front panels. Sew the side seams of the kimono from the border to about 1 to 2 inches from the sleeve.