How to Braid Box Braids

by Contributing Writer ; Updated September 28, 2017

Box braids are a popular hairstyle that can give you the flexibility of wearing braids. The braids can be styled in many other styles. Box braids are individual braids that are not braided to the scalp. Because they are not attached to the scalp these braids offer movement and can last longer than cornrows or other braided styles.

Wash, condition, and dry the hair. Use your favorite conditioner your hair. Box braids are a more permanent hair style. Most people don’t box braid hair and remove the braids the next day for washing. After the hair is braided, you can wash it later with the braids in.

Section the hair in four equal parts. Make sure that you part the hair in four even and straight squares. It’s easier to manipulate the hair when it is in quarters. Once the hair is sectioned off, use clips to divide and hold each section.

Take the first section, making a tiny part. You should have a small pinch of hair. The parting, however, should be the size of the desired braid. All of your parts should be around the same size.

Now braid or plait the hair from your first pinch (from your first tiny part). Take three sections of hair, cross the left section under the middle section. Next, put the right section under the middle section, creating a braid.

Braid the entire section from root to the tip. You can secure the hair with a tiny black rubber band if it unravels at the end. It is best not to use the bands if at all possible, because they can cause damage to the hair.

Make a second part from the first section of the hair, and braid this section as well. Again, make sure that your parts are even and straight. They should look like tiny boxes.

Continue braiding until the first clipped section is completed, and move on to the next section.

When all four sections are complete you should have at least 100 or more box braids. The smaller the partings for the plaits, the smaller your box braids will be. It can take several hours to complete box braids.

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