How to Bleach a Mohawk Images

A Mohawk is similar to a stylish accessory – it adds something a little extra to your individual look. Take your Mohawk style one step further by dyeing the ‘hawk bleach blonde. If you have never bleached your hair before, do not fret; the process is simple with a professional hair dyeing kit and a little time. In addition, with a hair dyeing kit you can bleach the entire ‘hawk or just the tips. Remember, bleach kits are designed to lighten the color of your hair; therefore, if you are naturally dark then you may want to bleach in stages.

Wash and condition your hair the night before you plan to bleach your Mohawk and do not use any styling products. The hair will absorb the color better if it is slightly dirty with no products versus freshly washed.

Comb through the Mohawk to remove any tangles.

Open the bleaching kit and read through the directions entirely. Different manufacturers will have different sets of instructions; therefore, always read through to find out mixing amounts and time allowances. If you have to dye your hair in stages to prevent dark or red hair from turning orange then begin with a hair lightener kit. This will strip your hair of its natural color and prepare it for a blonde shade.

Put on the plastic gloves included with the bleaching kit. The gloves will protect your hands against the chemicals. In addition, put on old clothing that can be ruined from the bleach.

Mix the bleach according to the directions. Apply the bleach to the hairline first. As you apply, use your fingertips to massage the color into the hair follicles and scalp to create an even color. Work your way up from the hairline to color the hair surrounding the longer, Mohawk hair.

Apply the bleach to the front of the ‘hawk first and work your way back. As you move through the longer hair always start at the roots and work your way to the tip. Continue bleaching from root to tip until the entire ‘hawk is saturated.

Set the timer and wait the recommended time. Rinse the ‘hawk under luke warm to cool water once the time is complete. The water should run completely clear before applying a conditioning treatment.

Rub a conditioner into the hair when complete. Most dye kits contain a conditioner; however, if the kit does not then use a conditioner that is color-safe. Dry and style the hawk as normal.