How do I Decorate for a Nurse Party?

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Host a nurse-themed party for someone who is graduating from nursing school, entering nursing school, retiring from nursing or generally interested in nursing. Decorate the party space to reflect the nurse-theme. Use your invitations to let guests know it's a nurse-themed party, and to invite them to come dressed in scrubs or other nurse attire. Your decorations can set the stage for a general nurse-themed party or a specific theme, such as showcasing changes that have occurred in nursing during the celebrant's career.

Sting white lights across the room to create a party atmosphere. Draw crosses, nurse hats, stethoscopes, a caduceus or other nurse symbols directly onto plain white paper lanterns to make the lights a part of your decorations.

Hang red and white streamers and balloons around the room. Make your own streamers out of nurse-related items if you want to forgo the typical paper variety. For example, hang scrubs and nurse hats from a clothesline that crosses the room. Use roll gauze as streamer material. Blow up latex gloves like a balloon and hang those from the ceiling. Tie a string around a bunch of old pill bottles and hang those from the ceiling. Make paper decorations to hang, such as white hearts, which is a common symbol of nursing. Use square gauze sponges as cocktail napkins.

Display posters or pictures on the walls. Include nursing pictures, cartoons or make your own posters to look like oversized pill bottles, stethoscopes or a caduceus. For example, a pediatric nurse party might include images of nurses caring for their little charges. A retirement party can include pictures of hospitals or offices the nurse worked at, or create a timeline of the technology changes that occurred during the nurse's career. Create a poster that mimics a nurse's station whiteboard, listing the guest of honor as "head nurse" or whatever title seems fitting.

Cover the table with a plain white tablecloth, or use another material that works for the specific theme of your party. For example, use the paper drapes commonly found in hospitals or doctor's offices as tablecloths. Or, use fabric with a kid-friendly pattern--that you might find on scrubs--for a pediatric nurse.

Set the table with plain white dishes if you opt for a colorful tablecloth. Make nurse-friendly dishes if you have a plain white tablecloth. For example, use non-toxic, food-safe paint to paint red crosses, stethoscopes or other nurse-friendly designs if you can't find any.

Create a centerpiece that complements the table settings. For a formal party, set out a white vase with a red ribbon tied around it. Fill the vase with flowers and add nurse charms and pendants to the ribbon. Sprinkle white heart confetti around the table if you use a colored tablecloth. Lay a stethoscope on the table around the vase for a playful effect. Another option is to fill apocrathy jars with bandages, cotton balls, tongue depressors and other items a nurse might commonly use. Nurse figurines can serve as smaller table decorations or centerpieces, as well.