Homemade Wedding Gifts Any Couple Will Actually Use


Wedding season is just around the corner, which means that after meal options are checked and RSVPs are sent, it's time to decide on a proper gift. But what exactly should you get? While plenty of guests will pick over the couple's registry list, there's no harm in bringing a likeminded present that you made yourself — especially when you know that it will come in handy over time. Whether it's a glamorous vase or a rustic spoon rest, these ideas are bound to warm the hearts of your favorite newlyweds.

Stamped Silver Forks

The couple of the moment are bound to need high-end utensils in their new lives. Which makes these DIY forks such a great gift. They're practical, perfect and pretty: the wedding gift trifecta that works for a fancy dinner or a feast for two.

Gillian Ellis

Gold-Handled Flatware

Are your bride and groom a little more modern than old school? Don't worry, there's a DIY flatware idea for that. Upgrade your basic stainless steel set with this golden option for a super glam take on an everyday item.

Rachel Pereira

Rustic Wall Rack

What's a must-have kitchen item that rarely makes the cut for a gift registry? The wall rack. Try gifting this rustic organizing wonder for the foodie or kitchen-loving couple you know. They'll be thankful to have it.

Tim and Mary Vidra

Copper Pipe and Leather Wine Rack

Everyone has at least one of these romantic duos in their social circle: the wino couple. A pair with such an advanced palette is going to need a stylish shelf to store all of those delicious bottles of vino. This is why your copper pipe and leather wine rack wedding gift will be welcomed with open arms. Throw in their favorite bottle, and your gift will be perfect.

Cameron Oden

Romantic Mug Set

We've seen the Instagram pics and the Etsy listings of these adorable mugs, but now you can make a pair of your own for your two favorite lovebirds. Try customizing the phrases to fit your bride and groom for a truly sentimental wedding gift.

Jessica Begum

Wood Stencil Artwork

Great for a couple with rustic taste, this DIY wooden artwork is a warm addition to any new home. Whether you take the phrase from a book, family heirloom or funny inside joke you know they'll appreciate, this thoughtful piece of decor will say everything you want to say — just in case the ceremony has you a little choked up.

Charlotte Smith

Glass Bottle Spoon Rests

Yes, it's possible to turn a classic mason jar into a lovely spoon rest, perfect for any couple wishing to share a cup of tea together after a long day. Though this requires the use of a kiln, don't be deterred! Befriend your local ceramicist or pottery shop, and oftentimes you can use the needed kiln for a few bucks (or for free, if you're really lucky). Pair this spoon rest with a variety of teas and upscale coffee cups, and you'll have a casually cute wedding gift.

Kenzie Mastroe

Ink to Wood Artwork

Need another rustic option for your nature-loving friends? Make these little wooden art pieces with some classic photos and wood stubs. Get the most out of this idea by personalizing it to the couple's love story: make three art pieces that show the progression of the couple's relationship: beginning, middle and engagement.

Cameron Oden

Dish Towel Art

Forget Anthropologie. You can make a beautiful dish towel with your own two hands. The best part? You can give your bride and groom a sweet sentiment or a thoughtful recipe, in the form of a very useful kitchen item that's guaranteed to get a lot of love.

Shayna Orrino

Pineapple Doormat

Practical meets adorable with this DIY doormat idea: it's not your average registry item, but it's bound to be in demand. When a new home needs to give a warm welcome, this gift will do the job.

Julia Fain

Wood Wick Candles

Did you know that candles with wooden wicks emit a crackling campfire glow when they're lit? Basically, these candles are romance in a jar, and they'll have a place on the couple's living room coffee table during a cold night in.

Tim and Mary Vidra

A Glass Vase With Gold Foil

Whether used for flowers or a decorative table item, this gold-foiled vase is guaranteed to wow your favorite newlyweds. While it could easily stand on its own, you could also try pairing it with a gift card to a local nursery.

Gillian Ellis

Personalized Photo Gifts

Basic frames are so ... blah. Stand apart from the rest of the wedding gift goodies with one of these personalized photo ideas. Make one option for the bridal shower, and another for the wedding (someone has to put all of those photos to use).

Kenzie Mastroe

Homemade Orange Liqueur Recipe

No matter if the wedded couple are avid bar-hoppers or just appreciate a good cocktail every now and then, they will definitely be glad to have this DIY orange liqueur on hand. Everything is sweeter when you make it yourself, but this recipe is especially tasty: it consists of brandy, navel oranges and granulated sugar.

Jennifer Farley