Homemade Spiderman Costumes

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You don't have to fight Green Goblin, Doc Oc or the Sandman to embrace the style of your friendly neighborhood Spiderman. In a matter of a few hours, you can create your own basic costume, which can easily be adapted for a Venom look by changing the color scheme to black and white.

The Original Spiderman Costume

The original Spiderman costume is the most iconic version of Spiderman’s regalia. The front of the shirt is mostly red with triangular side panels extending from the armpit to the waist. The back of the shirt features a red yoke area, but the remainder of the back is blue. The easiest way to recreate this web-slinger’s costume is to use a red sweatshirt and blue felt. Add triangular blue panels to the front of the shirt and underneath the arms. Sew a piece of blue felt that extends from the side seams and across the back. Add silver spider webbing to the red portions of the shirt with puff paint. Applique a black felt spider to the center of the chest and a red spider to the center of the back of the shirt. Wear with blue sweatpants, and red knee socks. Paint Spiderman’s fly-like eyes onto the front of a red ski mask over the eye section to create his face mask.

Cameraman Peter Parker's Costume

The original Peter Parker worked as a cameraman who toted a 35mm camera. This Peter Parker look can be achieved by wearing a navy blue polo, white and gray stripped undershirt, a gray hoodie and blue jeans. Wear this with black tennis shoes. Don’t forget Peter Parker’s black framed glasses. You can easily make these by removing the lenses from a pair of sunglasses.

The Amazing Spiderman Costume

The Amazing Spiderman Spider costume is more blue than red. Use a blue sweatshirt and red fabric paint to create this look. Paint the shoulders and back yoke red. Paint another red section down the middle of the front of the shirt that extends to the waistband. It should look like a T. Add spider webbing to the red yoke area of the shirt with black puffy paint. This webbing looks similar to latitude and longitude lines on a globe. Applique a spider onto the front center of the shirt. This spider should be very geometric in shape with an almost diamond shaped body. Cut a piece of red felt into a mask. Draw black spider web lines starting at the center of the mask and extend the lines to each edge. Secure elastic to each side. Cover an old pair of boots with red duct tape for Spidey boots.

Scientist Peter Parker Costume

The Amazing Spiderman incarnation of Peter Parker is science genius who works in a lab. Peter is often seen sporting a navy blue T-shirt, black jeans and a heavy brown jacket. He also wears black flat-soled tennis shoes. He often wears gray, open-finger gloves. You can make these from a gray pair of tube socks. Simple cut off the toe section, and cut a thumb hole into the heel portion of the socks. This Peter still carries a camera and has black glasses. But, don’t forget the Amazing Spiderman’s skateboard to complete the look.