Homemade Baby Shower Table Centerpieces

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A centerpiece helps to capture the main theme of your celebration and decorations. For a baby shower celebration, top off your table with a homemade centerpiece that captures elements of what it means to have a baby. Parents of newborns will be dealing with many diapers, baby bottles, bibs and pacifiers, which are all elements you can apply to a centerpiece.

Diaper Cake

Most celebrations come with cake, but while pregnant you might cut back on eating foods of that sort. Instead, make a homemade diaper cake that can be used as a table centerpiece. Roll individual diapers into tubes and hold them in place with rubber bands. Place them around a tall baby bottle to form the different tiers of the cake. Wrap ribbon around each tier to cover the rubber bands and decorate the cake with other baby elements, such as pacifiers, rattles and baby bottles.

Rubber Duck Family

Part of the joy babies have when playing in water is the rubber duck . Make a homemade table centerpiece with a rubber duck family by placing the ducks in a fishbowl that is filled with glass marbles and two-thirds full of water. Select glass marble colors to match the rest of your decorations. This centerpiece presents a playful theme and takes little time to prepare and create. The rubber ducks will come in handy when it comes time for your newborn's baths.


If you are on a budget with little time, a balloon shaped to a baby theme can serve as a table centerpiece. Metalized polyester balloons come in various shapes and can feature a baby, stroller, teddy bear, baby bottle and many other baby themes. Tie the balloon to a clear glass jar filled with marbles in colors that match the rest of the decorations. Take a satin ribbon and tie a bow around the jar's top rim, and it's ready for display.

Baby Sock Rose Bouquet

Give your floral centerpiece a baby theme by making roses out of baby socks. Take a small square box and place a polystyrene foam block in it. Roll up the baby socks into a rose shape by tucking in the toe and rolling it up to a cone shape. When you reach the point of the cufflink, pinch the bud while you fold the cufflink on to it. Insert a 4-inch fine-gauge floral wire into all layers of the rosebud sock and twist the ends of the wire together to hold the shape in place. Pull the wire strand down to serve as the stem of the rose. Wrap green floral tape around the wire and insert it into the foam block for display.