How to Have a Long Affair

How to Have a Long Affair. The idea of having long term love can be enticing. The fantasy of continuing a relationship under the nose of your spouse combined with the heated sexual nature is enough to make many people aroused. Don't expect to win any Good Samaritan awards, but at the same time, if this is something you desire, you'd probably not cherish them anyway. Here are some tips on how to have a long sexual affair without being caught.

Step 1

Meet the other person. Now because you are doing this on the quiet, you can't be as obvious as going to a local bar and picking someone up. In fact, you can't even meet someone on the Internet or exchange communication at all. Any communication breeds an immense amount of risk. So when you look for your counterpart, do it out of town, and in person. For instance, you're traveling on business to some place half-way around the world, and you end up at a restaurant late in the evening. This is the perfect scenario, as you are way out of your normal time zone and don't have to account for your whereabouts.

Step 2

Be cautious in your initial meeting with the other person. When feelings get involved people tend to do crazy things. The important thing to decipher their ultimate goal. This can be a bit hard between witty banter, but it is imperative in order to keep the veiled secrecy. Usually someone a little older, and a little less attractive, because they will be more willing to play by your rules.

Step 3

Establish the ground rules before you even sleep together. Again not the most appealing conversation as you are trying to get in the other person's pants, but there is a way to make it sound sexy. That they are part of a little game, a secret. People love to be trusted with information and you are trusting them with your entire world. So make it clear that there is to be no phone calls, no emails, no texts, no video conference, no pictures and no knowledge of where each other are from.

Step 4

Create a code between the two of you. There will have to be a little communication in order for each of you to know when you are meeting. For instance, if you take the same business trip every year, send a box of cookies to the other person from a name that means nothing. This will alert them whether it is on or off. No cookies, no nookie.

Step 5

Meet late in the evening. The longer the time you spend together the greater the chance you have of getting caught. Meet late and leave early.

Step 6

Choose a different hotel every time. You do not want to be known as regulars or "that couple" whom the hotel staff gets to know. Therefore, you should choose a new hotel each time. Pay in cash. Even if they have to hold your credit card for incidentals, make sure it is never charged. Also, never check in together. Simply leave the key for the other person in a convenient hotel plant or something if you are not meeting them until the bedroom.

Step 7

Keep your mouth shut. This is for both of you. Don't tell your Pastor, your therapist, a stranger. No one, absolutely no one, can know your secret. And the minute somebody whiffs something fishy, you must abort and never meet up again.