Good Reconnect Date Ideas

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Life can get in the way of romance. Two people working full-time jobs, children in the home and any number of other factors can make the days you and your partner spent in blissed-out romance a distance memory. To get out of a romantic rut, you'll both have to be intentional about carving out time for your relationship. Scheduling dates that give you both a chance to reconnect can transform a hum-drum marriage into an exciting and fulfilling relationship.

Go for a Blast From the Past

Get nostalgic, advises therapist Diane Spear, LCSW-R in the article, "Date Night Ideas for Exhausted Parents" on the dating website If you enjoyed going dancing during your courting days, put on your best duds and hit the dance floor with your partner one weekend. If you used to enjoy camping out together and gazing at the stars, get a babysitter for the night and hit up your local campground. Not only will you reconnect with your spouse, but you'll feel years younger as you recreate some of your early dates.

Set a Goal

A goal-oriented date can connect the two of you as you both strive to reach your goal. For example, set aside an afternoon to go on a strenuous hike or raft a challenging bit of river. As you both work to achieve your mutual goal, you'll feel reconnected along with possibly connecting in an entirely new way. If you're not into physical challenges, try cooking a challenging French dish together or meet with friends to play a game -- couple against couple.

Laugh Out Loud

A hearty laugh is sure to connect you and your partner. Cultivating your mutual sense of humor can help you to problem solve and form a stronger bond within your relationship, according to the nonprofit website Leave the stressors of everyday life behind and make a date with your spouse to go see a new comedian or funny movie. Your relationship will reap the benefits of such a date for weeks to come, as you watch your spouse attempt to recreate the comedian's impression of a drunk chicken or remind you of a funny joke.

Hit the Road

Even if you can't leave for the weekend, you can still reap the benefits of getting away from the tired routine couples tend to fall into when their life consists of work, eat and sleep. Take a drive in the country and eat at a cafe you've never tried. Go to the next town over and shop together for antiques. When you step off the beaten path, you create new experiences that help you to connect and make new memories with the person you love.