Girls Slumber Party Games

At some point between the ages of 9 and 14, your daughter will probably ask to have a slumber party. While it might be daunting to think about several girls running around your house all night, having some activities planned should make things more fun for them and easier on you.

Beauty Salon

Set up different stations around your house and pamper the partygoers. This is a fun way for the kids to have their hair, nails and makeup done. You can give them crazy hairstyles and even put some temporary hair color in for an extra touch. Let them a choose a color for a manicure/pedicure. Finish them off with makeup. When they are all made up, have a fashion show. Turn it into a game by giving prizes to the craziest hair and best makeup. Take before and after pictures of them to take home.

Diva Musical Chairs

Get the girls dancing around while playing musical chairs. Be sure to play fun songs by female artists that appeal to the girls at the party. You can ask your daughter to help compile songs for the game. Set up chairs in a large room. Play the songs and make the girls dance as they move from chair to chair. If they do not dance, they are automatically out. Stop the song. Whichever girl does not have a chair to sit on is out. Remove a chair and play again. Do this until only one girl and one chair are left. Give the winner a prize.

Chick Flick Trivia

The girls will enjoy this game that will test their knowledge of the latest chick flicks. Pick your daughter's brain before the party about favorite movies she and her friends have seen. Write down quotes from them on note cards and number them. Put the quotes in various locations around the house. Let the girls go around and read the quotes and guess the movie. Give a point for each quote they get correct. You can even give bonus points for knowing the character who said the quote. When all the girls are done, give a prize to the girl with the most points.